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Stepping into Play

Stepping into Play is a six-week, two hours a week, programme that promotes the importance and value of play to parents and carers and encourages high value play for low cost resources. If you want a course in your area contact Haki Kapasi on 079 68 21 34 52 or email

Phone number

Stepping into PlayInspire is in the process of changing location, The current landline phone number won't be available but you can
ring Haki on 079 68 21 34 52.

Welcome to Inspire Consultancy Limited

Inspire Consultancy Limited is an independent consultancy, training and research agency specialising in playwork, childcare and early years services. INSPIRE works nationally with Early Years, Childcare and Playwork services and those who work with families and children.

Our blend of expert analysis, facilitation skills and breadth of experience means we are able to draw on a range of resources to deliver our projects. We offer incisive solutions and insights in our consultancy and research work and training that supports personal development and learning.

Inspire actively builds relationships and environments where everyone is able to take part and be heard. We are committed to ensuring all those taking part in our consultancy, research and training feel included and listened to. We believe in inclusion as a process and not an outcome and we relish the journey as absolutely necessary, exciting and very satisfying.