Who We Are

Haki Kapasi

Inspire was established in 2000 by its Director Haki Kapasi. Haki has been involved in consultancy, research and training in children’s services and playwork for almost 21 years. In that time she has delivered numerous training programmes, consultancies and research projects. Her training style is inclusive and she is an expert in creating group dynamics that allow for honest investigations and personal reflections. Haki is often asked to present keynotes for conferences and seminars.



Alison John

Alison John is an experienced trainer and consultant. She delivers training and consultancy on inclusive practice for Disabled children and young people. Her Challenging Disablism course (formerly known as Disability Equality Training) are thought provoking and give people the confidence to make changes so that Disabled children can be included in services. Alison is an inspirational speaker, her presentations are memorable and create a lasting impression on a wide variety of audiences.


Jack Guillebeaux, USA

Jack Guillebeaux, M.A., lives in Montgomery, Alabama, USA. He is a regular visitor to the UK delivering training and conferences. He is an experienced trainer and consultant with 40 years of experience of working with issues of oppression and internalised oppression. He was an activist with the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.

Jack works with international corporations supporting the development of staff and with community programmes such as the Aboriginal communities in Australia and with Native American people in the USA.

Jack has a special gift for facilitating people to move beyond their outer persona and delve into the important issues of self and our relationships with one another.

Josephine Lewis, USA

Dr. Josephine Lewis is Founder and Director of the Centre for Cooperative Change in Decatur, GA, USA. She works throughout the USA and internationally.

Jo is an organisational development consultant, who has worked extensively with public and private sectors as a process consultant to develop groups, build coalitions, resolve conflict. She works with some major international corporations coaching senior managers. She brings particular expertise in transactional analysis to organisational problem solving and sits on the International Board of Transactional Analysis. She is an expert in human behaviour, with a particularly deep insight into the dynamics of oppression and organisational cultures. Her work for the Centre for Cooperative Change has included training, supervision and coaching to clinicians and managers.

Fafar Guillebeaux, USA

Fafar Guillebeaux, M.A., Fafar Guillebeaux lives in Montgomery, Alabama, USA. She is a Licensed Counsellor in private practice. She has conducted training both nationally and internationally since 1988 in the areas of empowerment for women, interracial and intercultural marriage, sexism, communication and conflict resolution.



Other associates

We have a network of experienced associate trainers and consultants we will use to delivering our work, particularly when focusing on the specific issues of equality, diversity, gender, age and sexual orientation. All our associates are experts in their field. We will ensure that all our associates deliver work that meets our own, and our client’s standards and quality assurance.